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Tiling is one of the greatest investments you can make in your home


Not only do they look great but, unlike other finishes, tiles provide a clean, durable, easy to maintain and hypoallergenic surface for your family to enjoy for a lifetime.

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Tiles vs other flooring options

Well there are many benefits for choosing tiles over other surface finishes for your home. No one wants to spend countless hours polishing hardwood floors, spot treating carpets, or dealing with the hassle of replacing easily damaged vinyl. The flooring option of today needs to facilitate a dynamic lifestyle rather than hinder it.


There are five reasons you should tile:

  • CLEAN : Tiles are stain resistant and do not absorb water. This makes cleaning and maintaining them extremely easy. They do not collect dust or dirt and they do not support bacteria, mould or mildew. This makes them perfect for people with allergies or asthma.
  • STRONG : Tiles can withstand years of heavy traffic and doesn’t easily scuff or fade. This makes having pets or moving furniture stress free.
  • SAFE : Tiles have certain slip resistant ratings and are fire resistant due to their manufacturing. This makes them a safe choice around your home.
  • STYLISH : Endless finishes await, from timeless elegance to top trends. See our range.
  • COST EFFECTIVE : With all these advantages you would expect to pay a very high premium but tiles are actually very cost effective. If laid correctly tiles could last a lifetime. Have a look at this study which found tiling to be the most affordable flooring type.

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Tiles are cost effective

On top of advantages in functionality and durability, tiles are extremely cost-effective over their lifespan. It is critical to think about how long materials will last and the cost of maintenance for your flooring, as well as initial raw material and installation costs.


Certain floor coverings may have lower initial costs but the maintenance involved costs more over time until full replacement is needed.


Along with our own market research, and an independent cost analysis by the Tile Council of North America, we believe tiles are the most cost-effective flooring material available. See below comparison.

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Before you tile

These are the 5 most important things to know before you get your project tiled.


  • THE PLACE OF INSTALLATION : It is very important that you take into account the purpose of the area that you are tiling. If there is going to be moderate to heavy traffic flow then the tile that you have chosen needs to be able to withstand this. But we’re here to help, the tiles in our shop have a rating that describes what kind of area and load the tiles are suitable for. Check them out.
  • THE SUBSTRATE : The substrate is the underlying material that the tiles will be laid or installed onto. A substrate cannot be just any material because it must have the strength to withstand expected loads during the use of the surface. Common substates for tiling include tile underlay, cement sheeting, gib or plaster board, and concrete. At the time of installation, the substrate must be clean, flat and adequately set.
  • WHICH TILES? : Porcelain or ceramic? Porcelain tiles are being manufactured more and more because porcelain is stronger and more stable when fired which allows for a more consistent product. This creates a hard wearing tile that is suitable for many different purposes and will look as good in 10 years time as they do today. These are great for floors while ceramic tiles are recommended on walls and splash backs. Check out our range of tiles here!
  • MOSAIC TILES : Mosaic tiles play a key role in home decoration. Available in many different sizes, they are enhanced by single-coloured or multicoloured materials and precious stones. They come either as mesh-mounted mosaics, which instal easily to curved walls and columns, or as pre-scored faux mosaic tiles which are unrivalled for their simplicity of installation. Check out our range.
  • NARROW JOINTS OR WIDE JOINTS? : Tiles are installed with open joints and the joint width depends on the tile size and the characteristics of the project. This is because of a number of reasons. The most important is to absorb the stresses caused by the movement of the substrate caused by temperature. Be sure to take this into account during your tiling project.

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What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is vital for your home, particularly areas of high moisture. You must ensure that your home is adequately waterproofed to prevent water ingress into its structure. This includes areas such as the foundations, framing, floors, walls, roofs and basements.

Water that escapes from a shower, bath or basin can remain unnoticed for long periods of time. This makes repairing the damage very serious and costly.


You must waterproof areas of your home that are subject to frequent and heavy wetting. For example, showers (including open shower surrounds) and splash areas around baths and basins. This is because it are these areas that are exposed to the most amount of moisture.


It is important to waterproof areas of regular intermittent wetting, such as walls behind baths, basins and tubs, which are also areas of high moisture. It is also important that you consider tiled entries where people will enter the house during periods of heavy rain.


Don’t be tempted to accept a quick and cheap waterproof job because if it is done wrong, the costs to you will be unforgiving.At tiling.co.nz we are certified waterproofing agents and use only the best waterproofing products and processes. Our practice has been signed off by product suppliers to confirm that our waterproof application is installed as per their specification.


Check out our online pricing system to get a quote not just for your waterproofing but for your complete tiling project. .

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Underfloor Heating – the logical choice

One of the misconceptions about underfloor heating is that it costs too much. This is not true. The truth is that over a surprisingly short amount of time our customers actually save money while creating a healthy environment for their family and adding value to their home.


There are 5 benefits of underfloor heating:

  • MAINTENANCE : Underfloor heating vary rarely requires any type of maintenance once it has been installed by our tilers. Suppliers often guarantee products for 25 years plus.
  • COMFORT : Floor tiles when heated retains the heat far better than traditional forms of heating, which cool down rapidly when turned off. This also means that it requires less energy to maintain its warmth. And because the source of the heat is spread across the floor there are no cold spots in your room/home.
  • LOOK : Our customer enjoy the freedom from the bulky forms of heating such as heaters or radiators. The aesthetic qualities of your space is enhanced with underfloor heating.
  • CONTROL : With thermostats, touchscreens and applications you have total control of how you heat your home. You can set up different on and off times or certain temperatures for different rooms. This will also help with heating costs.
  • HYGENIC : With the heat radiating from your floor it reduces cold and dampness which has huge health benefits for you and your family. People who suffer from respiratory illnesses are far more comfortable with in-floor heating. Let’s get it done.These points highlight the potential benefits of underfloor heating and help portray our belief why it is such a great choice for your home when tiling.Why not have a look at how much it will cost you to install underfloor heating into your floors here. .

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What is a mitred tile?

A mitred tile is when the underside of a tile is cut at a 45 degree angle. Mitred tiles can be crafted for any corner to create a uniform and stylish edge that will last for years.


We believe that a mitred edge is the best way to finish a tiled corner. There are a few ways to achieve this look:

  • A WET SAW : this has a guide that can be adjusted to help you achieve the undercut.
  • A GRINDER : some expertise is here because the undercut must be made by hand and eye!
  • MITRE WIZ : this is an extension that can be attached to a grinder and helps create the undercut. Check it out here! Mitred edges are the best, but not the only, option when it comes to tiled corner finishings. If you like the look of a mitred edge then you can add it to your next tiling project with our online pricing system!

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Quality tilers throughout New Zealand

We take pride in not only the results of our work, but the experience and expertise of our tilers. There are many years of experience and great problem solving ability in our team, which leads to the highest tiling standards. You can have confidence in our work and products.


At tiling.co.nz we can cover all areas of your home from tiling your walls, floors, entrance ways, bathrooms, kitchens and living areas to tiling patios, fireplaces and even swimming pools.


Our tilers master the use of materials like ceramics, porcelain, stone, glass, marble and terracotta. They also work day to day with products like level floor compound, sand and cement, waterproofing, tile adhesive, epoxy, silicone and grout. This is all to ensure that homeowners are satisfied with a beautifully finished product which lasts.


Our tilers also specialise in the more creative side of the trade; concentrating on design-driven work such as mosaic tile walls, splashbacks, specially designed floors and other surfaces. This kind of work can only be done after acquiring mastery of traditional and new tiling techniques.


At tiling.co.nz we have made it even easier to get tilers and tiles to complete your tiling project by providing the world first online pricing system for tiling. Check out the video below to see how it works.

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Let’s get tiling

Every tiling job is different but they all start with a quote. We have tried to make that bit as easy as possible by creating an online pricing system. If you don’t know your measurements or simply prefer to speak with someone, then that is no worries at all, use the contact form below or pick up the phone and get in touch. We are always happy to discuss a tiling project!

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