Powerful features allow you to take complete control
of your prices

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Kwote Settings

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The dashboard is packed with powerful features and designed to be user-friendly

Access the Online Pricing System settings, see enquiry notifications and explore the design centre and monthly business tips from the easy-to-use dashboard.

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In just a few minutes, personalise the Online Pricing System to best reflect your business

Upload a logo and introductory video, choose feature colours and edit text. In three simple steps you will also choose what products you use, what services you offer and what categories these services fit into for your customers.

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See the full breakdown of customer enquiries

The My Kwotes section records every enquiry so you can easily keep track of your jobs. See when an enquiry is made, what the materials cost, the generated ‘kwote’ price, job status and all details provided by the customer.

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Win More Jobs. Save Time. Get Paid Faster.

Ensure that every price received by your customers is personalised to you

Edit the title of your kwotes, your business and payment details, any terms and conditions, that email message, and your social media accounts so that customers can get a real feel of your business and work.

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Our mission is to enable
contractors to make better use of their time and grow their business

In our Ad Center we create marketing resources that you can use to bring potential customers to your Online Pricing System. You can browse, select and share these resources on your website and social media, or even email and text them to your contacts. This will save you effort and time while also increase your reach and profit.

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The Online Pricing System is an effective new technology that has also been optimised for your customers. They will be able to interact efficiently through the complete process on any device, helping them get your price is easier then ever before.