Choose the plan that works best for you
and your business

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  • Price Enquiry Notifications
  • Business Logo Branding
  • Personalised Pricing
  • Computer, Phone, and Tablet  Access
  • $10 per Price Enquiry
  • Limited Number of Services


Most Popular

$50 US
/month (if billed monthly)

  • Price Enquiry Notifications
  • Business Logo Branding
  • Personalised Pricing
  • Computer, Phone, and Tablet  Access
  • Free Unlimited Price Enquiries
  • Unlimited Services


What’s the real cost though?

An average contractor spend 6-8 hours a week on quoting, estimating and pricing potential customers’ jobs. This includes the complete process: driving to and from site, measuring and discussing the work, and writing and sending the price. A contractor will also give away important information and expert advice for FREE. And what if the customer rejects the price?

Wasted time that could be spent with family and friends, or growing your business. Wasted money on fuel, quoting software and other pricing associated costs.

Kwotimation removes this wasted time from businesses and allows users to spend their time and money, not waste it.

Spend Your Time Wiser.
Do The Things You Love.

Win More Jobs.


What is the Online Pricing System (OPS)?

The OPS is a computer software that allows your customers to price their own work. You will need to select what services you provide and what you charge for these services – the OPS will do the rest! This tool can be placed on your website or social media pages or simply as a link that you can send to a potential customer via an email or text message – so you don’t need a website at all.

How does the OPS work?

We have created a software that combines your rates with our formulas to generate an accurate price based on measurements that a customer inputs. All prices are subject to confirmation or site visit, so rest assured that you are not locked into a generated price if a customer hasn’t taken something important into consideration.

How can the OPS help my business?

The OPS can generate a vast amount of leads when you offer an instant pricing service to your customers. Save time and qualify leads with ease from the information they provide. Businesses who capitalise on customer convenience will prosper. Stand out from your competition and provide a new way to get pricing for
your services.

What information do I get when someone
requests a price from my OPS?

When a price is generated by the OPS you will receive an email detailing all the aspects of that enquiry: the services they have selected and the total measurements. This email also includes the details of the customer; photos of the area; work and critical job information (such as the materials and quantities needed); and the cost and profit to your business.