Quality tilers throughout New Zealand



We take pride in not only the results of our work, but the experience and expertise of our tilers. There are many years of experience and great problem solving ability in our team, which leads to the highest tiling standards. Our relationship with industry standard authorities like BCITO, you can have confidence in our work and products.


At tiling.co.nz we can cover all areas of your home from tiling your walls, floors, entrance ways, bathrooms, kitchens and living areas to tiling patios, fireplaces and even swimming pools.


Our tilers master the use of materials like ceramics, porcelain, stone, glass, marble and terracotta. They also work day to day with products like level floor compound, sand and cement, waterproofing, tile adhesive, epoxy, silicone and grout. This is all to ensure that homeowners are satisfied with a beautifully finished product which lasts. Our tilers also specialise in the more creative side of the trade; concentrating on design-driven work such as mosaic tile walls, splashbacks, specially designed floors and other surfaces. This kind of work can only be done after acquiring mastery of traditional and new tiling techniques.


At tiling.co.nz we have made it even easier to get tilers and tiles to complete your tiling project by providing the world first online pricing system for tiling.

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