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 Thinking about tiling your home? 


Well there are many benefits for choosing tiles over other surface finishes. No one wants to spend countless hours polishing hardwood floors, spot treating carpets, or dealing with the hassle of replacing damaged vinyl. The flooring option of today needs to facilitate a dynamic lifestyle rather than hinder it.


Manufacturing technology in porcelain and ceramic tiles are improving consistently and you can see this in the large sizes or special effects such as the wood and natural stone looks available today. Porcelain tiles are being manufactured more and more. One of the main differences between a ceramic and porcelain tile is that porcelain is stronger and more stable when fired, which allows for a more consistent product. This creates a hard wearing tile that is suitable for many different purposes and will look as good in 10 years time as they do today. 


Tiles are extremely strong and hard-wearing so if they are being laid on a floor where people walk straight in from the street or garden they will be resistant to damage and chipping from any grit carried in on the soles of shoes. Depending on the type of floor tile, they can also be frost-resistant or frost-proof so this factor, combined with their durability, make them ideal for outside areas such as balconies or verandas.


Let us quickly outline some other benefits for choosing tiles:

  • Easy to maintain: tiles are stain resistant and do not absorb water, which makes cleaning and maintaining extremely easy - usually just with a bit of warm water!

  • Hypoallergenic: tiles do not collect dust or dirt and they do not support bacteria, mold or mildew which makes it perfect for those with allergies or asthma.

  • Fade and scratch resistant: Tiles can withstand years of heavy traffic and doesn’t easily scuff or fade which makes having pets or moving furniture stress free. 

  • Safe: tiles have certain slip resistant ratings and are fire resistant due to their manufacturing, which makes them a safe choice for your home.


Lastly, cost:

Budget is always a contributing factor in a wall or flooring finish decision so rest assured that tile products come in a wide range of prices. A study by Scharf-Godfrey, an independent cost consulting firm, analysed the life cycle costs associated with various flooring options, including tile, hardwood, laminate, carpet, vinyl, and other popular choices. After appraising initial installation costs, custodial maintenance expenses, and removal costs for each option over its entire life cycle, the study found tile to be the most affordable flooring type.

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