Tiles vs other flooring options


Well there are many benefits for choosing tiles over other surface finishes for your home. No one wants to spend countless hours polishing hardwood floors, spot treating carpets, or dealing with the hassle of replacing easily damaged vinyl.


The flooring option of today needs to facilitate a dynamic lifestyle rather than hinder it.


5 reasons you should tile


  • CLEAN: Tiles are stain resistant and do not absorb water. This makes cleaning and maintaining them extremely easy. They do not collect dust or dirt and they do not support bacteria, mould or mildew. This makes them perfect for people with allergies or asthma.


  • STRONG: Tiles can withstand years of heavy traffic and doesn’t easily scuff or fade. This makes having pets or moving furniture stress free.


  • SAFE: Tiles have certain slip resistant ratings and are fire resistant due to their manufacturing. This makes them a safe choice around your home.


  • STYLISH: Endless finishes await, from timeless elegance to top trends.


  • COST EFFECTIVE: With all these advantages you would expect to pay a high premium but tiles are actually very cost effective. If laid correctly tiles could last a lifetime. Have a look at this study which found tiling to be the most affordable flooring type.


This table (click on image to enlarge) clearly shows why tiling is the superior finish for your home.

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