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 Underfloor Heating - is it the right choice for you? 


Over a surprisingly short time after installing an underfloor heating system, the savings on energy and efficiency will pay for itself - while also adding value to your home.  


Let us identify some benefits of underfloor heating in your next tiling project:


  1. Maintenance - underfloor heating very rarely requires any type of maintenance once it has been installed. Suppliers often guarantee products for 25 years plus. 

  2. Comfort - when heated, tiles retain the heat far better than traditional forms of heating, which cool down rapidly when turned off. This also means that it requires less energy to maintain its warmth. Due to the source of the heat being spread across the floor, there are less - if not any - cold spots in your room/home. 

  3. Look - spaces in our home will be free of bulky forms of heating such as heaters or radiators. The aesthetic qualities of your space is enhanced with underfloor heating.

  4. Control - with thermostats and touchscreens or applications you have total control of how you heat your home. You  can set up different on and off times or certain temperatures for different rooms. This will also help with heating costs. 

  5. Hygienic - with the heat radiating from your floor it reduces cold and dampness, which has huge health benefits to you and your family. People who suffer from respiratory illnesses are far more comfortable with in-floor heating. 


These points highlight the potential benefits of underfloor heating and help portray our belief why it is such a great choice for your home. Why not have a look at how much it will cost you to install it into your floors with one of the installers at

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