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  What is Waterproofing?  


  Why do I need waterproofing?  


  Where should I waterproof my home?   


Well we’re here to help you answer these questions!


Waterproofing is vital for your home, particularly areas of high moisture. Waterproofing is the process where a combination of materials is used to prevent water ingress/invasion into the structural elements of your home, such as foundations, framing, floors, walls, roofs, basements etc.  


Water escaping from a shower and from around a bath, basin or the like can remain unnoticed for long periods of time and cause serious and costly damage. 


Areas that we recommend waterproofing include those subject to:

  • frequent and heavy wetting:

    • such as showers and open shower surrounds, splash areas around baths and basins

  • regular intermittent wetting:

    • such walls behind baths, basins and tubs, tiled entries as well where people will enter the house during periods of heavy rain


You may be tempted to accept a quick and cheap waterproof job but if it is done wrong, the costs to you can be unforgiving. Why not let the experts give you some advice on your project. promotes a range of approved waterproofers who are certified to use the best waterproofing products.


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