What is waterproofing?


Waterproofing is vital for your home, particularly areas of high moisture. You must ensure that your home is adequately waterproofed to prevent water ingress into its structure. This includes areas such as the foundations, framing, floors, walls, roofs and basements. Water that escapes from a shower, bath or basin can remain unnoticed for long periods of time. This makes repairing the damage very serious and costly.


You must waterproof areas of your home that are subject to frequent and heavy wetting. For example, showers (including open shower surrounds) and splash areas around baths and basins. This is because it is these areas that are exposed to the most amount of moisture. It is important to waterproof areas of regular intermittent wetting, such as walls behind baths, basins and tubs, which are also areas of high moisture. It is also important that you consider tiled entries where people will enter the house during periods of heavy rain.


At tiling.co.nz we are certified waterproofing agents and use only the best waterproofing products and processes. Our practice has been signed off by product suppliers to confirm that our waterproof application is installed as per their specification.


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